Pastoral Care

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At Bass Coast Health (BCH) we offer person-centred holistic care. Pastoral Care is one aspect of our multi-disciplinary approach to health. It focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects of well-being.

Spirituality is common to all people, irrespective of whether one has a specific religious belief or not.  It is about what gives meaning and hope in life, about ‘connections’ with oneself, others and the world around us.

Pastoral Care offers a ‘safe space’ to explore the deeper aspects of one’s life, especially during difficult or challenging periods. In times of transition, illness, crisis or loss a trained ‘listening ear’ and a ‘compassionate presence’ can be helpful.  Pastoral Care is not counselling; its aim is not to ‘fix’ things, but to offer non-judgmental companionship.

A conversation with a Pastoral Carer is offered, not imposed.  It is a free confidential service, supportive of all beliefs, religious traditions and cultures.

Pastoral care can help when;

  • Feeling anxious, lonely, confused
  • Coping with illness, change or loss
  • Feeling overwhelmed/powerless
  • Needing to make decisions
  • Struggling with family or personal issues
  • Exploring matters of faith
  • You would like someone to pray with you
  • Palliative or approaching death
  • Coping with grief or bereavement
  • Simply in need of a friendly ‘listening ear’

The formal Pastoral Care Programme at Bass Coast Health began in 2011 with the appointment of a part-time Pastoral Care Coordinator to coordinate the provision of pastoral care for patients, residents and family members and staff.

Most of the pastoral visiting is carried out by a generous and dedicated group of Pastoral Care Volunteers who receive ongoing training and supervision from the Coordinator.

While they come from a number of the churches in the area, their role as Pastoral Care Volunteers is to offer non-denominational spiritual support to all, regardless of religious affiliation.

Pastoral Care is normally available most week-days in the Bass Coast Health - Wonthaggi Hospital and Residential Aged Care facilities. You can simply talk with one of the friendly Pastoral Care volunteers when they visit (easily identifiable in their teal-coloured uniform shirts) or tell one of the staff you would like to see a Pastoral Carer.  If you would like, we are more than happy to facilitate a visit from your priest, minister or representative from your faith community.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator (Tuesday and Wednesday) on 03 5671 3179.