Referral information for medical professionals

Clinically recommended guidance for referrers is available through Gippsland Pathways.

Prior to referral, please check and ensure all referrals for Specialist Outpatient Clinics meet Statewide Referral Criteria and/or Minimum referral criteria, as well as local BCH service eligibility.

Referrals forms are available on the BCH website.  Outpatient specialist clinic referral form (MR-309) or specifically the Rapid Access Cardiology Referral (MR-310).

All new referrals for Specialist Outpatient Clinics are processed by the BCH Access Department.

The preferred method for external referrals to the Access Department is Fax; (03) 9102 5307.

Internal referrals from within BCH can be sent via email ( You can also contact our Access team on (03) 5671 3175.

Once we receive a referral we will review it to ensure:

  • We have all the information we need to progress
  • The referral meets the Minimum referral criteria, Statewide Referral Criteria (where applicable) as well as local BCH service eligibility
  • Identify the best service/s to meet your patients’ needs and
  • Assign a referral priority, urgent or routine.

Please note, that the Department of Health states that we must not accept referrals that are incomplete or do not have the required information to assess.

Accepted referrals are triaged by our specialist doctors/nurses, as ‘urgent’ or ‘routine’. High priority, ‘urgent’ access is assigned to patients that have a condition with potential to deteriorate quickly, with significant consequences for health and quality of life if not managed promptly. For urgent referrals, we will contact the patient and aim to schedule an appointment within 30 days or at the earliest available time.

For routine referrals, we will notify you and the patient of a routine appointment date or the transfer onto a service waitlist and aim to schedule an initial appointment within 365 days.

Within 8 working days, we will send you written notification of the referral outcome, i.e. if the referral has been:

  • Accepted and an appointment has been scheduled
  • Accepted and the patient has been placed on a service waiting list
  • Not accepted and the reasons why