Bass Coast Health helps to train doctors of the future


Bass Coast Health (BCH) continues to partner with Monash University to train tomorrow’s doctors.

The health service is now hosting the first placement of student doctors from the university for 2022, exposing them to a variety of hospital settings.

Dr Bruce Waxman (Clinical Dean) and Dr Renee Kelsall (Chief Medical Officer) welcomed the students and were confident they would have a positive experience that would entice them to work at Bass Coast Health in the future.

“Workforce planning is a priority for our health service and will be even more so when Wonthaggi Hospital expands later this year,” Dr Kelsall said.

“The placement program gives medical students an experience of rural medicine and an experience of living in a country community. We know that medical students who are raised in the country are likely to practise in the country, however we also need doctors who have grown up in the city to also see the value and appeal of rural medicine.

“The advantage of working in a rural setting is that students get broad exposure to a variety of medical settings which helps them to understand how each area integrates with others, while helping them to determine the area they would like to specialise in going forwards.”

The student doctors are from Monash University’s School of Rural Health at Churchill and will undertake placements in Emergency Department, Aged Care, Acute Ward and Theatre. BCH offers medical students six placements of six weeks a year.

This year’s first placement is of fifth year medical students: Vikram Amara, Alana Johnson, Weiann Tan and Madison Rogerson.

Born at Wonthaggi Hospital, Madison grew up at Phillip Island and studied at Wonthaggi Secondary College.

“I wanted to come back and see what the hospital was like, and will maybe look at setting up an internship as I hope to do that in a rural setting,” she said.

“I wish to use this opportunity to help inform my decision about where I wish to spend my career. I’m also interested in paediatrics and I know there will be paediatrics in the new hospital.”

Vikram is hoping to experience a variety of procedures in Emergency and Alana is looking forward to seeing how a smaller rural service operates.