Bass Coast Health supports Pharmacists of the future


Bass Coast Health (BCH) is hosting two Pharmacy Interns as part of a state-wide program to train qualified professionals for the future.

The Interns, Jade Edwards and Marlene Do, are with BCH as part of the Hospital Pharmacy Internships allocated in Victoria by the Department of Health. Placement is via a competitive process overseen by the Australian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Jade and Marlene have finished their Bachelor of Pharmacy and are now required to complete a year of supervised training before registering as pharmacists. As well as on-the-job training, they will be required to complete multiple assignments, a health promotion activity, a research project, a written examination and an oral examination.

The pair are experiencing a busy year as both are completing their Masters of Pharmacy as well, Pharmacy Manager Kym Bowring said.

“This year is the fourth year BCH has hosted Intern Pharmacists and we are always excited to see what they achieve throughout the year,” she said.

“We also hope that during their time with us, they are exposed to the many benefits of living and working in the Bass Coast region.”

The Interns have been reviewing patients’ medications, supplying medication to clinical areas and providing discharge counselling under the supervision of registered pharmacists.

Jade said, “I really enjoy pharmacy as I loved chemistry and biology during school. Being able to utilise my knowledge and what I learnt to optimise patient medications is really rewarding. I also enjoy learning from the pharmacy staff at BCH and working alongside other healthcare professionals at BCH. Every day I am learning a lot.”

Jade moved to Bass Coast from Melbourne and chose BCH because of the welcoming environment.

“Everyone at BCH is really supportive and I could not be happier with my decision. Also, the Bass Coast region is beautiful and it is an honour to be able to work and live here,” she said.

Marlene said, “I absolutely love the clinical work that I get to be involved in, where I am able to work with the multi-disciplinary team.

“I also absolutely love being able to interact with my patients, developing a close bond and being able to establish a nice relationship.”

Marlene chose BCH to be part of an organisation that helps the community.

“I chose Bass Coast Health because I believe the organisation will help me grow and develop into a competent and professional pharmacist, whilst providing back to the community,” she said.