BCH helps to break down communication barriers


Not all communication disabilities are visible and that’s why people who endure challenges can feel socially isolated.

The theme for Speech Pathology Week from 21-27 August in 2022 is ‘Good communication, better communities’. It’s an approach that the Speech Pathology team from Bass Coast Health (BCH) stands by.

“Effective communication is essential to everyday living and maintaining positive relationships – with family, friends, school friends, work colleagues and in community groups,” BCH Speech Pathology and Dietetics Team Leader Hannah Toose said.

“Good communication means people being able to convey their message clearly and that message being received from others as intended. Good communication underpins the success of relationships and sound relationships result in tight-knit communities.

”But for people who cannot communicate clearly, they find it hard to build supportive relationships and even access essential services that other people take for granted.”

BCH provides a range of Speech Pathology services to the community.

We provide outpatient services to preschool-aged children, from birth through to when they go to school.

This can include assessment and management or therapy for:
• speech sound problems – children who are difficult to understand
• late talkers – children who are slow to develop understanding or talking skills
• multidisciplinary assessment and management of children with developmental delays or conditions such as autism spectrum disorder
• paediatric feeding, eating and swallowing problems
• paediatric stuttering.

Our services for adults are available for ward inpatients, outpatients and in local residential care facilities. This can include assessment and management or therapy for:
• communication problems following a stroke
• swallowing problems after head and neck cancer treatment
• voice problems due to occupational issues (such as teachers for example)
• adult stuttering
• a combination of cognitive, communication and swallowing problems due to progressive neurological disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s or Motor Neurone Disease.

To see a Speech Pathologist at Bass Coast Health, email our Access referral team: Access@basscoasthealth.org.au
Alternatively phone them on 5671 3175.