District Nurses are here to help you


Bass Coast Health’s dedicated and caring District Nurses are helping ill and frail people across the region to continue living at home where possible.

Rebecca Gysberts, Nurse Unit Manager District Nursing and Palliative Care, said her team provides a vital service to the community.

“We know that keeping people at home whenever we can results in better care and improved wellbeing. It also reduces pressure on our health and aged care systems, saving hospitals and aged care facilities for those people who urgently need them,” she said.

“District Nurses play a vital role in doing just that, by visiting patients to provide specialised and individual care, and giving them peace of mind in knowing a healthcare professional is there for them on a regular basis.”

If your health is impacted, did you know you may be eligible to receive care from a District Nurse?

You can be referred to District Nursing if you require:

• Wound care management for new or pre-existing wounds

• Continence care

• Support and monitoring for client medication management

• Medication administration

• Support in stoma care

• Diabetes management.

If you are experiencing any of the above and are seeing your GP about these conditions, ask your GP for a referral to District Nursing.

Patients in public hospitals are eligible for post-acute care on discharge. This includes free visits by a District Nurse for 28 days (there is a cost for consumables required).

The District Nursing intake office is available Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays, 7am to 3.30pm.