GEM of a program gets patients home quicker


Bass Coast Health (BCH) is proud to be helping elderly patients return home from hospital sooner as part of an innovative program.

The Geriatric Evaluation and Management at home program (GEM@Home) provides specialist geriatrician, nursing and allied health services to senior patients in the comfort of their own home.

The aim of the program is support recovery, help clients achieve optimal health and reduce their time spent in hospital.

BCH Operations Director Paula Bradley said patients remain a patient of BCH and receive the same treatment as they would in the hospital, only at home.

“It’s a multi-disciplinary approach to ensuring that our patients can manage at home,” she said.

“If patients were not participating in the GEM program, they would be needing to spend more time in hospital, but by getting patients home quicker, it’s better for their mental health and overall recovery.

“The program also allows more hospital beds to be available for sicker patients requiring around-the-clock medical care.”

Patients are supported by such clinicians as a Geriatrician, Nurse Practitioner, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Social Worker, Pharmacy staff and other Allied Health staff such as Speech Pathologists and Dietitians.

“The patient’s observations are recorded by the visiting medical and nursing team and assessed just as they would be in hospital. Any significant changes in the patient’s condition are communicated to their Geriatrician,” Ms Bradley said.

Patients remain in the program for approximately one to two weeks, depending on their individual needs. They are seen daily Monday-Saturday and may also be contacted via phone or telehealth.

Participation in the program is free, including all medication and necessary medical or physical equipment provided to the patient for the duration of the program.

Patients are assessed for their eligibility for the program by the Sub-Acute team.