Hats off to our wonderful Community Nurses!


People who need healthcare don’t have to come to a hospital for treatment and care. 

Bass Coast Health (BCH) offers many Community programs that are delivered in people’s homes, and many of these services are delivered by an amazing group of Community Nurses. 

These wonderful nurses have a diverse range of skills and expertise, and while many people think about nursing as a profession in a hospital, BCH is blessed to have more than 50 expert nurses who provide their excellent care in the Community. 

Our biggest Community Nursing cohort work as part of the District and Palliative Care Service, providing pain management, palliation, wound care, showering and medication support, along with many other nursing tasks in the home. 

We also have community nurses who work in our Residential in Reach, the Transition Care Program, Domiciliary Care Service, Maternal and Child Health Service and our Better at Home service. And we have specialist Clinical Nurse Consultants such as our Continence Nurses, Stomal Therapy Nurses, Diabetic and Cardiac Nurses, and our Aboriginal Health Clinical Nurse Consultant. 

This passionate team of Community Nurses at Bass Coast Health (BCH) do a fabulous job at keeping people out of hospital, and they enable people to live as independently as they can, in their home. 

During Nursing in the Community Week from 11 September, BCH is keen to give a huge shout out to these nurses, and to make sure the community understands that so much care takes place outside the walls of the hospital, by a kind and talented team. 

District Nurse Rachel Bennett adores the variety of her role. 

“It is an honour to care for someone in their own home, to assist them in maintaining their health, dignity and independence,” she said.

Client Gwen Gilbert said knowing a District Nurse was visiting helped her to feel safe. 

“I look forward to the Nurses coming to see me twice a day. I know if I have any problems I feel very comfortable talking to the Nurses about it. They’re an absolute pleasure,” she said. 

Client Cecil Salter said of his District Nurse Therese Humphreys, “I really, really appreciate the way you look after me.” 

Another District Nurse, Teresa Pors, has worked with our team for three years. 

“Community Nursing has to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my 33 years as a nurse,” she said. 

“To be able to offer high quality medical care and support in the homes of our clients is something I am very proud of. This care allows us the privilege to really get to know our clients and often their families and what is important to them, the good and the bad. 

“The variety of our clients and their needs keeps every day interesting and no two days are the same. Our team here is one of the most supportive and fun I have every been a part of and let’s face it, water views every day as you work cannot be beat. This will be my forever job and a wonderful way to end my career in the future.” 

Residential in Reach nursing staff support residential aged care services to care for more complex residents, while our Transition Care Program helps older people in their home at the end of their hospital stay. 

Our Better at Home service provides hospital-level care in the comfort of the patient’s homes, including the services of the Hospital in the Home Program, and the GEM at Home program. 

Maternal and Child Health/Domiciliary Care staff provide assessment, care and support to women, babies, partners and families. 

Opportunities to join any of our BCH Community Nursing services are advertised on BCH’s recruitment website: basscoasthealth.mercury.com.au