More people urged to get a COVID booster


Bass Coast Health is calling on more people in the community to get a COVID booster to give our community greater protection against the virus.

While most people in the community received two doses of a COVID vaccine, uptake of the booster across Australia is low, despite health authorities now advising people to get three doses to give themselves optimal protection.

Over 30 per cent of older Australians vulnerable to serious COVID-19 infections are yet to receive a booster. Less than 30 per cent of people aged under 40 have been boosted.

Bass Coast Health CEO Jan Child said boosters remain our best defence against the Omicron strain of the virus, which is responsible for the current surge in cases.

“Someone who is vaccinated is less likely to catch COVID and less likely to be as sick if they do. They’re also less likely to spread the virus to others, particularly to family and friends who have compromised immune systems and are more vulnerable to experiencing serious illness should they get COVID,” she said.

“While two doses of a vaccination give protection, only three doses will give you the best protection available and that’s why we want to see more people in the Bass Coast boosted.”

Bass Coast Health has helped more people in our community access a COVID booster and vaccination by holding outreach vaccination clinics across the region.

Outreach clinics have been held at Cowes, Grantville and the Bass Valley Children’s Centre at Corinella in recent weeks, providing walk-in opportunities for everyone, including children aged 5-11.

The clinics were well supported by locals who seized the opportunity to have a vaccination closer to home and in settings familiar to their children.

“We understand people do not always have the resources to come to our Community Vaccination Clinic at Wonthaggi – even the time to do so – and that’s why it’s important that we take the vaccination service to the community,” Ms Child said.

“It was pleasing to see many families having their children aged 5-11 vaccinated at the outreach clinics ahead of school returning and during the first week of school. We urge families to have their children vaccinated to give their children the best chance of protection as students interact at school and are at greater risk of catching the virus.”

The Community Vaccination Clinic at the Wonthaggi Town Hall is open seven days week: 9am-4pm every day apart from Wednesday, when the clinic is open 10am-6pm, with walk-in opportunities every day.

Chantelle Poulton had her children Chaze and Hope Poulton vaccinated at the Bass Valley Children’s Centre outreach clinic.

“I wanted to ensure the teachers are protected and the kids are protected and to keep us all safe too because we have a baby at home. If the kids get COVID, hopefully they won’t get it as bad,” she said.

Sharyn Holmberg of Grantville received her booster at the Bass Valley Children’s Centre, which she runs.

“I need to be seen as a leader and I need to lead by example to keep the community safe,” she said.

Ms Child urged people who are vaccinated to still wear masks indoors when they can’t be 1.5m away from others, to gather outdoors, avoid crowds and sanitise their hands often.