Physiotherapists are the best!


As much as Bass Coast Health’s Physiotherapists enjoy working with patients, one of the most rewarding aspects of their job is getting people out of care and back to their home on a strong road to recovery. 

“It is so rewarding being able to see our patients achieve their goals and leave hospital, knowing they are in the best position to live their lives to their fullest potential,” Bass Coast Health Physiotherapist Tracey Johnson said. 

“We take so much for granted but our movement and mobility are critical, and there is no-one better than a physio to optimise movement and mobility.” 

On World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September, Bass Coast Health (BCH) is acknowledging the vital role our Physiotherapists play in helping people return to living well. 

Physiotherapists work through exercise programs with patients to help them improve their function after injury or illness; they support people as they strive towards their goals which could be as simple as walking again, and being able to enjoy everyday activities. 

Physios help people gain strength, improve balance and prevent falls. In addition to in-patient physiotherapy, BCH also offers outpatient physiotherapy and specialist services for musculoskeletal matters, women’s health, lymphoedema and paediatrics. 

BCH has exercise groups for falls prevention, and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. 

Bookings can be made through the Access service on 5671 3175 or email 

Tracey is one of the excellent Physiotherapists at BCH and she works on the Sub-Acute rehabilitation ward at Wonthaggi Hospital, helping patients like Tom Binks recover from surgery, injury or illness. 

“Physiotherapy is making movement much easier for me and making my potential much better,” Tom said.