Talking to a professional can help ease the challenges of life


The COVID pandemic, cost of living pressures and other challenges of life can take a toll on our mental health and ability to cope.

Often talking to a relative or friend will help us manage but sometimes we need to draw on the experience of professionals trained in social work and counselling.

Bass Coast Health (BCH) offers comprehensive social work and counselling services to our community. In addition to counselling for family violence and sexual assault, BCH also offers general and mental health counselling and support to people who are experiencing emotional and psychological problems, such as isolation, life circumstances, relationships and parenting issues.

Youth Counselling is also available for people aged 12-25 years and can be offered at secondary schools, youth access clinics or at BCH sites.

Among those staff able to help is Jade Ray-Angarane, a Social Worker within our Integrated Family Services Team.

BCH’s Integrated Family Services Program offers in-home support to families with children 0 to 18 years of age. This program offers practical support, information, advice, and opportunities to develop skills in parenting and household management to vulnerable families experiencing difficulties.

“Integrated family services practitioners provide short or long-term support according to the needs of each individual family. We can help with a wide range of issues confronting families such as mental health, addiction, family violence, parenting children and adolescents, relationship issues, social isolation and financial hardship,” Jade said.

“The practitioners provide a service which is responsive to the diverse needs of clients. We visit families in their own home and work alongside them to achieve their identified goals.”

Jade was attracted to BCH after completing her final placement with us in August 2021.

Social work through the Integrated Family Services Team is accessed via referral from The Orange Door.

Appointments with our other social workers and counsellors can be made by phoning our Access referral team on 5671 3175.