Thanks to Winston for giving kindly to Bass Coast Health


Bass Coast Health (BCH) is grateful to pensioner Winston Parsons for his ongoing donation to the sub-regional health service.

While BCH receives public funding, donations from community members, fundraising auxiliaries and wills support the purchase of additional equipment that enables more people to receive medical care closer to their homes instead of travelling to Melbourne or the Latrobe Valley for treatment.

BCH CEO Jan Child said, “People who give to us can come and see where their money goes. We are a local health service, so we really encourage people to give locally.”

BCH sites display donor boards that acknowledge people who have given to us, including at the L. Rigby Centre cancer treatment facility at Wonthaggi Hospital.

Among those donors are Mr Parsons of Cape Paterson, who has been donating $20 from his fortnightly pension to BCH since 2018 - amounting to an approximate $2600 towards the building and equipment within the L. Rigby Centre.

Mr Parsons used to donate to Alfred Health while receiving cancer treatment there, until his care was transferred to BCH. 

“I’m happy to support the L. Rigby Centre because it saves people from having to travel outside of Bass Coast to receive treatment. The centre is great. I like the atmosphere and the outlook,” he said.

“Giving to local causes is always something my family has done.”

Ms Child thanked Mr Parsons for his commitment to his local community.

“People often donate to city hospitals like the Royal Children’s but it’s the support of locals like Winston, who give locally, who help us achieve our service offerings. Every cent counts. Thank you, Winston,” she said.

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