Translation Service

It is the policy of Bass Coast Health that clients can access translated content. It is vital for health providers sharing health information with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Audiences, and is a core component of quality of care.

Health Translations is an easy-to-use tool for health providers to have at their fingertips. The site has been redesigned to make it easier to find translated resources on a range of health and wellbeing topics from reputable content partners like Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne Sexual Health, and Diabetes Victoria.

You can also use this tool when:

  • You or your family do not understand what staff are saying.
  • You or your family do not understand what they are required to sign
  • You or your family would find it easier to speak in your own language.

The site is located through this following link: https:// 

(Visit the site, share with your teams and share your feedback via the onsite survey so it can be continually improved.)