Cancer Information and Services

BCH has a wide range of services and information available for Cancer Care

Bass Coast has an amazing team at our Cancer Support Page.

What to expect:

We refer you to the Guides to Best Cancer Care - Cancer Council page. This allows you to spend time alone to go through the information or we are happy to be with you through this time as well.

Education will be provided to you when you are referred for Oncology or to a Haematologist or Nephrologist.

If you want to have treatment here:

  • A medical practitioner referral is required. General referral enquiries can be made by Phone: 03 5671 3175
  • Preferred referral method  Email:  or Fax: 03 9102 5307
  • The referral will be received and then triaged - organised internally for further action. 

If you would like to be treated somewhere else: 

  • A transfer will be organised with the staff/specialist
  • The referral will need to be updated
  • You will go through the access team and then triaged
  • This will then be organised for you.