Residential In Reach

A number of health services in Victoria can provide residential in-reach support, where appropriate and safe, to people living in residential aged care services (RACS) to reduce the risk of unnecessarily going to hospital.

Residential in-reach is staffed by nurses and doctors from the hospital, who may visit you and provide care where you live in certain circumstances.

This may avoid the need for you to travel to the hospital emergency department.

Residential in-reach is not intended to replace the care that you should receive from your RACS or your doctor.

Residential in-reach is usually contacted by RACS staff or your doctor. You may wish to talk to the manager or your doctor about using residential in-reach in your area.

In some circumstances it will be necessary for you to go to hospital. Residential in-reach can assess and discuss the most appropriate place for you to receive care, and advocate for your transfer to the appropriate level of hospital care when required.