Maternity Services


Bass Coast Health’s Maternity Service offers continuity of care during the ante-natal, birth and post-natal period. The midwives provide quality care for women who have a low risk pregnancy and work in collaboration with Bass Coast Health's Obstetricians.

BCH offers three modern birthing suites and four ward beds.

During your stay, the midwives will provide information and support on how to look after yourself and your baby. The midwives provide domiciliary care (home visits) following your discharge from hospital.

Your doctor or midwife can arrange a referral if you wish.

Your length of stay is dependent on the type of birth you have, whether you have had a baby before and any complications that may arise.  
As a general rule:

  • First baby vaginal birth: 72 hours
  • First baby caesarean birth: 96 hours
  • Second baby or subsequent baby vaginal birth: 48 hours
  • Second baby caesarean section: 96 hours.

Earlier discharge is available.

Bass Coast Health is able to offer a wide range of birth support during your birth. Epidurals and the capability to perform caesarean section births is available. Women who require urgent referral to tertiary centre for specialised or ongoing care are transferred through liaison with the Paediatric Infant Perinatal Emergency Retrieval (PIPER) service.

Pregnancy care

Bass Coast Health can provide holistic care during your pregnancy with support from our midwives and doctors.

Support of labour

You may like to choose support people to stay with you during labour and birth. We suggest you plan to have no more than three people present. Children are welcome, but an adult is required to accompany them.


Partners or a support person and other children are welcome and will be screened upon entry at Wonthaggi Hospital. Further visitation is currently restricted due to COVID risk in our community. 

Contact Details

Phone: (03) 5671 3201

Maternity Team
The Midwifery team, from left, Midwives Megan Rooney and Lucy Rocksmith, NUM Melanie Shields, Graduate Midwife Ali Murdoch and Student Midwife Maddi Carew.

Meet our Midwives

“It’s a special job because having a baby is of the most important moments in people’s lives.

“It’s something that people always remember so if you can make the experience personalised, they will be forever grateful. Our jobs are a real privilege.”

That’s the passion with which Midwifery Nurse Unit Manager Melanie Shields speaks about the role she and her equally enthusiastic team perform at Bass Coast Health.

They strive to provide the ultimate in care for mothers from across Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

That care goes beyond the hospital to include extensive post labour care, including home visits to new mums – whether they gave birth at Wonthaggi Hospital or another hospital.

“In emergency cases, we work really well as a team. We are nice and calm, and have a great team of doctors and theatre staff,” Melanie said.

The midwives help to prepare families for a joyous moment in their lives by offering ante-natal clinics and classes, and support mums and their partners with labour support and care.  These services will continue in person and on line in the coming months.