Haemodialysis is a procedure used to maintain a patient with end stage renal failure by using an artificial kidney machine (dialysis machine) to replace the excretory function of the failed kidneys.

Blood from the patient is pumped from the body through special tubing to the dialysis machine, where it travels through the dialyser, is cleaned and then returned to the patient.

Once the patient has received a fistula to allow haemodialysis to occur, and has spent around two weeks in the in-centre haemodialysis unit to stabilise, the patient may be sent to our Satellite Unit to continue their therapy. 

Our Haemodialysis Department is a six chair unit and operates from Monday to Saturday, 7am to 3pm. Some afternoon sessions are available subject to demand. This unit treats as many patients as we can, but sometimes there is a waiting list. This means that patients may need to attend another unit until a position becomes available. We always aim to be responsive to referrals.

We also welcome patients who wish to take holidays whilst on haemodialysis.  Pre-planning is essential and we recommend that patients:

  • Notify their 'main' haemodialysis unit when planning to go on holiday;
  • Organise a medical letter from the nephrologist detailing the renal condition and current treatment; and
  • Take a sufficient quantity of medications.  

The key is to plan ahead, well in advance, particularly for school and end of year holidays.


Monday to Saturday from 7am to 3pm

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