Clinical Trials and Research

Clinical trials and research

Research and clinical trials go hand-in-hand with discovering and improving patient care and treatment. Research helps to improve policies, practices and treatments in the healthcare system.

A clinical trial is a research study where people can volunteer to undergo new treatments, devices or tests to help prevent, detect, treat or manage diseases or medical conditions.

Clinical trials can give patients early access to treatment that has been proven successful well before it’s available to the public. They can improve quality of life for a range of diseases, and help to find new and improved treatment. They are run under strict protocols and participants must first pass eligibility criteria, after which they are closely monitored.

We opened our first clinical trial in 2021 and as we continue to grow, we look forward to inviting our community to participate in the clinical trials that we offer. 

This will allow our patients to attend their trial appointments and testing locally, reducing the burden of having to travel long distances to participate in clinical trials.

Our long-term goal is to establish a clinical trials centre of excellence that delivers high quality research. 

Through our partnership with TrialHub, a program that is supporting us as we establish, we will offer access to a range of clinical trials that will improve the patient experience and health outcomes of our community.

Our clinical trial unit 

Over the next year, our aim is to grow our clinical trials team and build on existing strengths and partnerships to open clinical trials in cancer, including melanoma and cardiology. 
We will continue to identify emerging areas of research priority that align with our health service priorities and the needs of our community.

Key features of our unit include: 

  • A dedicated, secure clinical trials office, home to our Research Governance Officer, Clinical Trial Coordinators, Research Nurses and Clinical Trial Data Administrator
  • A dedicated, secure clinical room
  • Secure storage for file storage
  • Telehealth available, local IT support, Electronic Medical Records for all inpatient areas, REDCap
  • Accredited external providers of pathology and medical imaging services (MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray) located on-site
  • On-site pharmacy.

For all clinical trial enquires, email

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