Health Independence Program

Health Independence Programs Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)

The Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) provides short term (3-6 months) care coordination services to help those living with chronic and complex health conditions to their health needs and reduce their risk of unplanned admission to inpatient and emergency settings.

A HARP care coordinator works with clients to develop a plan and a set of goals to be achieved during their time in the program.

HARP care coordinators provide education, and work with clients to help them to access services, address barriers to care, and develop strategies for ongoing management of their health care needs. HARP care coordinators work closely with GPs and act as a key advocate and ally to negotiate the health and community services systems.

HARP aims to equip clients and their carers with the information and skills that they need to understand their condition and how it affects them, and to have the knowledge and resources they need to handle future challenges.

Admission criteria:

  • People who have chronic and complex health care needs
  • People who live in the Bass Coast or South Gippsland shires
  • People who have had recent hospital admissions or Emergency Department presentations or are at risk of avoidable admission or Emergency Department presentations.

Referrals are accepted from health professionals and General Practitioners, or directly from clients and their carers.


Office hours Monday to Friday, 8.00am-4.30pm.

Phone: 03 5671 3135 or Email:



The PAC Program provides short-term community-based services to assist people to recover after leaving hospital, and to support safe and timely discharge.

PAC can help by providing a range of services, generally including

  • Home help – cleaning, home duties, shopping
  • Personal care assistance- showering, dressing
  • Nursing care.

These services are provided for up to 28 days after discharge. Support for other services may be provided on a case by case basis. PAC care coordinators also assist with referrals to ongoing community services.

Admission Criteria 

The PAC program supports people who are:

  • Being discharged from a public hospital in Victoria including those who have presented at a public hospital emergency department
  • Living in Bass Coast Shire or parts of South Gippsland Shire (call to check area covered)
  • Recovering from an operation or from an illness
  • Experiencing a waiting period for local services (eg. council).

The Post Acute Care team accepts referrals from health facilities on S2S – Bass Coast Health, Post Acute Care. Referrals may be faxed to 03 5678 5595 or scanned and emailed to if referrers do not have access to S2S.


Office hours Monday to Friday, 8.00am-4.30pm.

Phone: 03 5671 3135 or Email: